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Hi! We are Jennifer and Amanda, a mother and daughter team excited to introduce The Beautiful Bus, an event concept that intermingles the present with the past through a love for adventure and making people happy. Jennifer, a Villanova MBA grad, has a love for nostalgia and a dream of owning a VW bus. Amanda brings her photography skills and passion for design. Our business is generally located in Greater Philadelphia during the spring/summer and in the Florida Keys in the fall/winter. The Beautiful Bus was born from a dream that continues to grow thanks to people like you. Feel free to ask us any questions to learn more about us!

Jennifer (Founder) leans against the beautiful bus.

“Acquaint the visitors with surprises and goodies. The Beautiful Bus revives all things that have always been precious living within ourselves.” - Jennifer Zajac, Founder


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Harmonize the Present & the Past

The Beautiful Bus combines classic vintage style with the latest photobooth technology. We look forward to bringing the spirit of adventure to your event.
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